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Welcome to Infinit City

Infinit City is an Asian Entertainment RPG in an AU city. Please enjoy your stay.
Infinit City has an East and a West

web statisticWest Infinit: (Residential Area) Beach, movie theater, apartments and condos, etc.

East Infinit: (Business Area) Art Gallery, Infinit City Center, City Hall, night clubs, etc
Infinit City Center is a building that a citizen can rent out by approval from the mayor

In between East and West Infinit are the City Park and Infinit University.


-> No godmodding: Meaning that you cannot control what happens to others' muses without giving them a chance. Doing this would be acting like a little kid who doesn't like to lose, and a lot of people don't like playing with these kinds of people.
-> No metagaming Bringing OOC knowledge in an IC situation.
-> Your muses are the citizens of Infinit City. There cannot be super muses where they have one job one day, and then the next day switch professions (unless there's a reasonable explanation).
-> Hiatus/Drops If you will be gone for longer than a week, please post a hiatus notice at infinit_ooc. Post to the OOC comm if you decide to drop a muse too.
-> If you decide to drop a muse and claim a new one, you must wait one week.

-> The community itself will be used as a Bulletin Board System. Meaning that announcements that need to be told throughout the city will be posted at infinit_rp.
-> Posting logs are optional. There are people who like posting logs, and then there are other's who don't like doing that. If you would like to post a log, the format is posted below.
-> Logs will be posted in the ooc comm. Seeing as the RP comm will be used as a bulletin, it would mean that everyone in the city would know what's going on in your muse's life if posted at the comm (unless your muse is a reporter or something and interviewed someone).
-> Your muse needs to have his/her own AIM and LiveJournal.
-> AIM will also be used as standard Instant Messaging between muses. Since most muses will hopefully have jobs/school/internships/etc., that means that they have limited free time that they cannot hang out with friends whenever possible.
-> If your muse decides to own a business, approval from the mayor is needed.
-> When more businesses show up, it is allowed that a muse can work under another muse. But you must get that muse's approval for hire.
-> To know that your muse is active, he or she must post to the RP comm at least once a month.

-> Check the Claims List before claiming a muse.
-> You can claim only two muses. If you want to claim more, ask the mod for approval.
-> Since there are possibilities of some suggestive places around the city, you must be at least 15 to join this community.
-> You can reserve one muse at a time. You need to wait a week to reserve another.
-> When thinking of what kind of citizen your muse will be, it can't be anything too out of the ordinary.
-> Fill out the application below. Once you have done so, please post it at infinit_ooc.
-> To make sure we know you have read the rules, name something you normally would find in a city.
-> Once your muse has been accepted, it is optional for that muse to write an introductory post at the RP community.
-> Also, make sure that you friend the other journals in the community. If there is something that your muse wants to write down, but don't want some people to see, LJ has this nifty new feature where you can let certain friends of yours read it. See the tutorial here.

-> If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to ask the mod.


Mun Name:
Mun Journal:

Muse Name:
Muse Nickname: (if your muse wants to remain anonymous, this is what your muse would use while posting on the bulletin)
Muse SN:
Muse Journal:

Backstory: (What kind of Infinit City citizen are they? Are they employed? Going to school? etc)


Log Post Format

Muses: (the muses involved)
Rating: (please keep in mind that logs that are R or NC-17 should be placed under friends lock)