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Infinit City

Claim: Lee Jun Ki


Infinit City

Claim: Lee Jun Ki

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Mun Name: Jade
Mun Journal: bluejade14

Muse Name: Lee Jun Ki
Muse Band: actor Muse Nickname: n/a
Muse SN: junkipom
Muse Journal: princejunki
Backstory: Junki had gone through many jobs, such things as a history teacher, and an acupuncture doctor; he had no permanent place to stay and was really looking for a said place. He was a wanderer; someone who had broken his connections with many people who were close to him in the past, just to rise up in his ambitions. But not everything in life is steady, and especially without help around him... Upon arriving at Infinity City he had viewed an empty shop lot. He decided he would use his leftover ambition there to start a martial arts dojo.'

Comments: You need to defend yourself in a city.
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