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Infinit City

[LOG] The Assistant with a Dream


Infinit City

[LOG] The Assistant with a Dream

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put the suit on // i mean business
Muses: Kim Yoobin, Jung Yunho
Location: Yunho's office.
Rating: PG
Warnings: N/A
Summary: The response to the want ad.

Yoobin had just settled into her apartment when she decided to wander around the city. She was hoping to find a job and lucky for her, there were a couple of ads in the city's bulletin board. Picking up both, she decided to go to the closest one at the moment--secretary. She made her way as best she could to the place in the address. "Here it goes." She rang the doorbell.

A hand skimmed the calendar on the wall that marked September twentieth. Since there weren't any appointments listed under that date, he thought it was curious how he could have a visitor at this time.

"Come in. It's unlocked."

Yunho sat at his chair, behind the desk stacked with a healthy amount of papers and folders, with the office covered in boxes of more files and folders neatly aligned off to the side of the wall with the cabinets. It looked still manageable now, but he had a feeling it wouldn't be soon before long the place would be a jungle of papers. He needed an assistant, and at that thought, he immediately remembered his ad he just recently placed on the bulletins.

He smiled, not expecting to hear from any prospective secretaries come knocking so soon.

At the sound of, what she assumed, was the employer's voice, Yoobin pulled at the door handle until she heard a click. She opened the door and made her way in, "I'm here regarding the ad you-" trailing off, quite surprised when she saw the stacks and stacks of boxes all over the entire office, "posted in the bulletin board..." Oh dear.

"You're looking into the secretary position? Don't mind the clutter.. unless you get the job then, you might want to mind it." He took a good look at her, noticing her small stature, and stood up to shake her hand with a smile, before he sat down again behind his desk.

He gestured to the chair. "Take a seat. We'll begin with the interview."

"Uh, Yes and no, I..." she smiled, "don't mind at all." Yoobin bowed as she shook the much taller man's hand. She took note of his stance (his voice, the way he delivered his words) before clearing her throat and making her way to one of the chairs. Having gone there with nothing but the most decent black blouse she managed to pull from her closet, and a pair of dark jeans, she tried to appear as confident as possible to make up for it.

"Hmm. We'll start with introductions then? I'll start it, relax--" He could tell she was nervous over the interview, and attempted to calm her with another smile. "This isn't going to take long. Since you got the ad from the bulletin, you know your employer would be me, Jung Yunho. If you noticed the plaque on the door, this is a Private Detective Agency. I only need an assistant, mainly to work secretarial duties around the office.. take calls, create appointments, and keep this place tidy."

Yunho tried to keep it brief, and when he finished speaking, he rubbed the tip of his nose and smiled at her again. "Because this agency values top confidentiality, this is the most important requirement. And Miss, uh..?"

The slightest hint of a smile made its way to Yoobin's lips as the interview went on. She continued to take note of the little things, trying to have a grasp of (who could be) her future employer's personality, Jung Yunho. Yoobin did it well, read people; and she liked doing it--it gave her a better hold of things. She listened to him intently, her eagerness visible in her face as she nodded through his last sentences. "Of course and, right." She smiled, "Yoobin. My name's Kim Yoobin."

"Ah Miss Kim Yoobin. Tell me a little about yourself..." Yunho leaned forward, resting his arms on the desk with his hands clasped together, and looking at Yoobin with his undivided attention.

She did seem nervous earlier, but to Yunho, it looked like she was getting more comfortable. For the most part, he analyzed her in the short moments they were together, and it wasn't imperative he hear her backstory, only that it would confirm his judgements. Yunho wanted to make sure if she was ready to work under him.

"Ah," she said, smile intact, "I just moved here from another town. I only got here yesterday, actually. And I just got settled into my new apartment..." She told him about her art school, what she did there as a music major, and how she never finished because her parents asked her to transfer during her last year--something she never did, which led her to Infinit city. "I thought I might find something different here." She said, her smile sincere and her posture relaxed (surprisingly so).

Her story was an interesting one, and he had a hunch there was more to the story than she was telling him. "Hmm... here's a question, hypothetical. If you have a chance to do what you've always dreamed of, would you do whatever it was necessary to achieve it?" Yunho changed his demeanour like the switch of a light, but much more subtle, casually still smiling and keeping his hands clasped together. He was curious what she would answer, and whether she knew it or not, her answer was the deciding factor on whether she would be fit for the job.

The question caught her a bit off guard, but she thought that it was probably fitting for the kind of job Jung Yunho was in. By the tone of his voice and the way he had asked the question, Yoobin had a feeling that if she did get hired, there might be times when she will be doing more than just secretarial work. "Of course," she answered with a smile, "there is no point in making goals for yourself if you're not going to do whatever it takes to achieve them. Holding back defeats the purpose of having the desire to make things happen, sir," and finished with a smile.

"Hmm..." He nodded, and smiled wider. "Good answer." Taking a business card from its container, he clicked a pen, and scribbled down a few lines before he handed it over to her. "You'll start tomorrow, you only work weekdays from nine to four, and have weekends off. But you're on-call for weekends, so I'll need you to be available at a moment's notice. And I'll be paying you fifteen an hour to start, more for on-call hours." Gesturing to the card, he continued. "I'll give you details about the job tomorrow when you start, but if you ever need anything... I wrote down my personal number for you to reach."

Taking the card from Yunho, Yoobin looked at the details as she nodded at every word her new boss was saying. She thought she got hired pretty fast, but she did need a job to keep up with her newly independent lifestyle so, "I start tomorrow already?" Nodding again, she pocketed the business card while she let the other finish. "Thank you, sir." Smiling, hesitant, she added, "Do I... have to be in business attire? Because right now, I don't really have any..." Yoobin wasn't able to bring much from home when she ran away, so she hoped it would be fine, at least for now, if he wished.

Yunho softened his expression when she smiled, and he couldn't say he didn't successfully find the right match for the job. Since he decided on her, he had a good idea he could trust her, usually being a good judge of character. "Come in your best tomorrow, Miss Kim. We'll deal with details then." He stood up, and extended a hand to shake with hers, signifying the end of their interview.

She hoped he meant some decent jeans and a fairly decent shirt. "I'll be here." She smiled as she reached for his hand, shaking it: grip firm yet sincere. "Thank you very much Mr. Jung."

"I'll be looking forward to working with you tomorrow. And... come before lunch, eleven o'clock. Since it's off regular work hours, I still expect you to be on time. And... bring your resume next time with you, including your SIN so we can deal with the administrative things early on." He walked her to the door, opening it for her, and he smiled. "Have a good day, Miss Kim."

She nodded her head and made a mental note to make sure she had a resume done tomorrow. Bowing in thanks for walking her to the door, Yoobin walked out and turned back around to address her new boss again, "You too, Mr. Jung. Have a great day. I'll see you tomorrow." She smiled, then went on her way, relieved that she finally had something to keep her on her feet. Kim Yoobin, fighting!

Watching her leave, he shook his head with an amused smile, and closed the door to walk back to his desk. He turned on his monitor, showing the ad he posted some days ago. Thoughtfully, he stared at it before he clicked on the edit button and typed in: POSITION FILLED.
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