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Infinit City

Out of Character


Infinit City



November 2nd, 2008

Mun Name: Jade
Mun Journal: bluejade14

Muse Name: Lee Jun Ki
Muse Band: actor Muse Nickname: n/a
Muse SN: junkipom
Muse Journal: princejunki
Backstory: Junki had gone through many jobs, such things as a history teacher, and an acupuncture doctor; he had no permanent place to stay and was really looking for a said place. He was a wanderer; someone who had broken his connections with many people who were close to him in the past, just to rise up in his ambitions. But not everything in life is steady, and especially without help around him... Upon arriving at Infinity City he had viewed an empty shop lot. He decided he would use his leftover ambition there to start a martial arts dojo.'

Comments: You need to defend yourself in a city.


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Mun Name: Jai
Mun Journal: sypherus_xiii

Muse Name: JunJin
Muse Band: Shinhwa
Muse Nickname: 8Db No idea
Muse SN: junjin sensei
Muse Journal: junjin_sensei


JunJin was a good kid all his life. Straight A student, graduated from college at the top of his class, what every parent would be proud of. However, his true passions were always kindling within, and only recently did he indulge into those. During the day, he works at a bakery, hoping to someday open up his own sweet shop. At night though, to fulfill his side that yearns for danger and excitement, he street bike races. It's more dangerous than racing with cars, but he would never trade in his baby for a Nitro'd Honda.

Comments: OK Chinese (An ok chinese restaurant)

October 22nd, 2008


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I'm letting this muse go, since I'm too busy, and I hope someone else can play Sungmin. :)

The coffee shop still stands, but is owned by someone else, idk. Perhaps the Mayor can help me in figuring this one out.


September 29th, 2008

[MOD] tags

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A tag's list has been made.

When posting at the OOC comm, kindly use the appropriate tags for your entry. That is all. :)


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I'm sitting on nissy.. soomeone as pretty as him deserves to be played by someone who will play him.

thanks for having us :)
Muses: Kim Jaejoong, Jung Yunho
Location: Park; apartment
Rating: PG-13
Timeline: One week back.
Summary: Yunho takes the park route home from work, and gains a companion.

Watson!Collapse )

September 27th, 2008

Muses: Park Yoochun ; Kim Jaejoong
Location: At their respective locations.
Rating: G
Notes: N/A
Summary: Jaejoong's attempt with Yoochun for an interview at Heechul's request.

A totally unexpected call...Collapse )

September 25th, 2008

Muses: Kim Heechul ; Kim Jaejoong
Location:At their respective homes
Rating: G
Notes: Text messages indicated in italics.
Summary: Heechul decides to enlist Jaejoong's help in completing the assignment.

I need your helpCollapse )

September 22nd, 2008

Muses: Kim Yoobin, Jung Yunho
Location: Yunho's office.
Rating: PG
Warnings: N/A
Summary: The response to the want ad.

Hmm... here's a question, hypothetical.Collapse )

September 21st, 2008

Mun Name: Arie
Mun Journal: __

Muse Name: Henry Lau
Muse Nickname: Henli, Violinguy, ... Hamtaro ? °-°
Muse SN: henryviolinlove
Muse Journal: henry_violinboy 


Henry’s mother had always been obsessed by classical music, so she gave him a violin for his 6th birthday, and made him go to music classes twice a week.  This went well for about 10 years, they moved around a lot, his father  being a businessman. But he adored his violin, and his mother adored them both… he was not sure which one more though. But times change, and when he turned sixteen, he was tired of the overdoses of classical music… even more when his mother decided he needed to take piano lessons too, he now had lessons 5 times in the week, he had no life of his own, and no friends either…  

He wanted somewhat more, swing and soul… he wanted something different…  so when turned 17 he secretly took dance lessons too. He turned out to be really good, and his love for performance grew more and more.  He wanted to learn all kind of dances, he wanted to play modern music .He tried to create his own sound when he played the violin, something that was unique... He  found out he was a whole different person playing his music or when dancing, not the shy sheltered boy, but open, happy and free.  But his life was still too controlled by his mother, his father being a very busy businessman, he never really saw him at home. So his luck stopped and his mother found out about his passion about dance and his ‘revolutionist’ ideas, he never seen her so angry, in the time that followed, she had forced him to join a classical orchestra, and had made him stop all his lessons, she hired private teachers who would only allow him to play the classical way.

Henry got so fed up, so a month before he turned 19 he left in the middle of the night, taking all his savings and prize money he had earned with his violin. He had heard of a city, a city open for new talent… maybe a city where he could make it ? He arrived at Infinit city, and saw the world open for him. He found himself a nice small apartment near the school, and he took Music/Performance and Languages classes. He still needs to find out where he can continue his dance lessons. And maybe find a tutor who could teach him in the more modern style of music… But, his savings are beginning to slink, and he really needs a part-time job...

Comments: In the city, you can't see the stars shine bright in the sky... You have to be the star, and shine for everyone !

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