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Infinit City



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September 20th, 2008

Muses: Kim Heechul, Jung Yunho
Location: In their respective places at work.
Rating: PG
Warnings: Cryptic talking. >.>
Summary: Yunho finally gives Heechul a call.

When do you need it by?Collapse )

September 17th, 2008

Muses: Kim Heechul, Jung Yunho
Location: Remotely through AIM
Rating: PG
Warnings: None.
Summary: Meitantei contacts the infamous Rella through AIM.

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Mun Name: Pachi
Mun Journal: pach_unni

Muse Name: Kim Yoobin
Muse Nickname: Yoobin / Bin
Muse SN: bad bad bin
Muse Journal: binhungover


There wasn't much of a life for Yoobin where she came from: small town, small population; slim chance of ever getting anywhere without breaking her back - or her parents' hearts - in the process.

She may be a tiny girl, but she had big dreams. She always thought she could get out and go somewhere (anywhere else but there), but she only found the courage when a friend of hers suggested a good place to go.

Infinit City, it had said on the piece of paper that had instructions on how to get there, too. Her friend seemed to think that this place would do her good, give her what she wanted and let her know exactly what it was she thought she was missing.

Two nights, and a note stuck on the mirror in their living room later, Kim Yoobin sought out to find Infinit City.

Comments: I'm already being blinded by the neon lights. ^^


September 16th, 2008

Mun Name: Kerry.
Mun Journal: silhouettedwing

Muse Name: Kim Heechul
Muse Nickname: Heenim, Rella, Cinderella
Muse SN: heenimsays
Muse Journal: heenimsays

Backstory: Heechul grew up normally, as far as things were concerned, though he did get his fair share of taunts and jeers for his overly feminine looks. His loud, vivacious (if temperamental) nature, and his resourcefulness, even as a child, naturally gave him the skills he needed to get through University, graduating with a BA and a MA in Mass Communication from Infinit University. Currently, Heechul lives in a spacious and cozy apartment on a stable salary, working as a journalist-cum-TV reporter at the local station. His specialty is searching for stories and other newsfeeds to write on, and if he puts his mind to it, he can turn up evidence and statistics within days.

Comments: The city is also known as a concrete jungle.

September 15th, 2008


Mun Name: Ryan
Mun Journal: jounin07

Muse Name: Kim Junsu
Muse Band: TVXQ
Muse Nickname: Su, Junsu, Xiah...
Muse SN: axiahsdolphin
Muse Journal: xsavorthemoment

Backstory: "Savor the moment, boy."

These were the words he lived by as he grew up; the only words of encouragement his father had ever given him before his elder twin brother overshadowed him.

Growing up with a twin was no laughing matter in the Kim residence; no laughing matter especially when both sides of the coin were at different poles. Kim Junho was always the favored one. Smart, good-looking, successful; he was all the family was ever proud of.

That left Junsu with none but his passion for sports and music. What his family saw his twin for, he sought the other way around. And though thy never saw Junsu for who he really was, for what he excelled in, he never gave up.

At 21 years, he made a seat in the National Soccer Team, earning him a scholarship to Infinit University where he now took his BA in Modern Music under Park Yoochun. The scholarship, in turn, granted him seat in the school's varsity team, where, as the most superior senior, he is now team captain and well on his way to graduation.

Comments: So a city would have lights too?

September 14th, 2008

Mun Name: --
Mun Journal: --

Muse Name: Jung Yunho
Muse Nickname: Meitantei
Muse SN: jeongyunho
Muse Journal: meitanteiyunho

Backstory: Growing up in Japan, Yunho lived in a traditional home. His father was a public prosecutor, and his mother was a housewife, and he had one younger sister. They held strong traditional values, and he was taught with strict morals and beliefs. Yunho's father was infamous for his cases, and he strived to follow him in his footsteps ever since he was young.

His enthusiasm started even at a young age when in the school playground, he would pretend to be a detective and solved playground mysteries for the other kids. Since he was so good at it, he was nicknamed Meitantei (Great Detective), and the name followed him from elementary, through high school and even into university where professors held great expectations for him. During his studies, his father was following a lead in Infinit City for a case he was working on for nearly a year, and suddenly disappeared.

Yunho, after he graduated with an MA and BA in criminology and science, worked in the same department as his father for a few more years, before he was finally allowed to be on the case that cost him his father. So he moved to Infinit City, following the case's last trail to find out what happened to his father and solve the case.

Comments: Without people, there would be no city.

September 13th, 2008


Mun Name: Jacqui
Mun Journal: jaejoongah

Muse Name: Kim Jaejoong
Muse Nickname: Jaeded
Muse SN: jaejoongah
Muse Journal: jaededai

Backstory: "Be a good boy, Jaeboo. I love you and I'll be home soon." It was the last he had ever heard of his mother before she disappeared from his life. Jaejoong was only seven years old, a freak accident he figured as his mother's disappearance resulted in a cold case. Jaejoong was never a fully healthy boy, overly doted on by his mother due to his genetic inherance of arrhythmia. Raised mostly by his father after the loss of his mother, Jaejoong picked up where she left off in the love of photography and writing. His upbringing stressed education, thus he now has a bachelors degree in journalism in which he uses to write a monthly column for a photography magazine called Pic-asso to pay for his way through school. He is currently attending uni for his masters degree in photography, which is his lifelong dream.

Comments: Pictures speak far more than a thousand words.

August 28th, 2008


Mun Name: Jai
Mun Journal: sypherus_xiii

Muse Name: Shinjirou Atae
Muse Nickname: Shinji
Muse SN: shinji attack
Muse Journal: tracershinji


Shinji grew up in a normal family. His father worked while his mother mainly stayed at home. In fact, life became boring by the time he made it to his first year in high school. That was when he decided to join a local 'gang', but they were just a bunch of idiotic guys who thought vandalizing school lockers was daring. Shinji wanted more. That's when he began to research his time into the art of bounty hunting. By the third year in high school, he began to train himself in the use of guns. But Shinji is still very young, and is a first year at a Uni now. During the day he attends his classes like a good A student, but when night falls, he takes matter into his own hands. Some may call him a vigilante, but he desires to be a full time bounty hunter.

Comments: K-TOWN.. or J-Town.. any Asian town..

August 27th, 2008


Mun Name: Milord
Mun Journal: tably

Muse Name: Takahiro Nishijima
Muse Nickname: Nissy
Muse SN: nissyxaaa
Muse Journal: souledgeboy

Backstory: He comes from simple beginnings his parents were immigrants who always struggled for money. Their only hope was for Nissy to become more than they could ever dream. He did his best in school graduating at the top of his class and making it through University on scholarships. His best subject in school was always math. He graduated with a degree in engineering and is now in his his first year of graduate school. He works two jobs to pay for school since the scholarship he was hoping for fell through. He has been struggling to pay for school and because of his jobs his grades have started to slip. To fix his problem Nissy has taken an interest in gambling. He visits the under ground tables where blackjack and other card games are played. He has made a decent amount counting cards, but nothing that would let him give up on his jobs. He wants to improve so that eventually he can go to vegas and pay for his schools with the money he makes from counting.
Comments: Cities and bums

August 18th, 2008


So, it seems my laptop has officially broken on me. Yay. -_-
It will be sent out tomorrow to be repaired, so for now, I'll be on a semi-hiatus.
I don't know when it will be fixed or when I CAN get computer time, but I might be on now and again sporradically. -sighs- 
Either way, I'll do my best to get on if possible, but don't count on it for the majority of the time. >.>
Miss you guys and hope to be back soon! <333 
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