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Mun Name: Jai
Mun Journal: sypherus_xiii

Muse Name: JunJin
Muse Band: Shinhwa
Muse Nickname: 8Db No idea
Muse SN: junjin sensei
Muse Journal: junjin_sensei


JunJin was a good kid all his life. Straight A student, graduated from college at the top of his class, what every parent would be proud of. However, his true passions were always kindling within, and only recently did he indulge into those. During the day, he works at a bakery, hoping to someday open up his own sweet shop. At night though, to fulfill his side that yearns for danger and excitement, he street bike races. It's more dangerous than racing with cars, but he would never trade in his baby for a Nitro'd Honda.

Comments: OK Chinese (An ok chinese restaurant)
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