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[LOG] The (Not so) Random Encounter


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[LOG] The (Not so) Random Encounter

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check mate // as expected
Muses: Kim Jaejoong, Jung Yunho
Location: Park; apartment
Rating: PG-13
Timeline: One week back.
Summary: Yunho takes the park route home from work, and gains a companion.

Yunho: Later in the afternoon when Yunho left his office, he decided to take a more scenic route back to his apartment, passing through the park. Most of the trees in the park had their leaves withered and orange, the colour of autumn, making the extra round-about trip back home a little more worth it.

Jaejoong: Seating himself on the bench he was kneeling beside just a moment ago, he flipped through the various settings on his camera so he could set the black and white specs for some more pictures. After he got home he would be in his dark room most of the night again, but for some of these shots he knew it would be well worth it.

Yunho: He pushed his hands into his pants, taking a whiff of the air when a small breeze passed by. The scent of autumn was nostalgic. Several different types of people littered the park, a few couples, pets and owners, families. Passing them by, he could almost feel like he wasn't a stranger in the city, enjoying the walk a little more.

Not paying attention to anything more than the scene in front of him, he almost missed the large dog jumping out of nowhere and onto his lap after having pushed him down. "Woah, careful there, you could hurt somebody like that." Since he couldn't see any collar or owner nearby, he took a guess that it was a stray dog. Smiling at it, he scratched it by the ears, and laughed when it gave him a wet kiss.

Jaejoong: Lifting himself from the bench, he clocked his camera into position and moved back over to the area he was previously getting pictures of. A large monarch butterfly had landed on a row of daisies and tulips nearby, and he regretted choosing black and white though he knew he had to get a picture of that. He moved slowly and as close as he could to that general vicinity before kneeling down just a few feet from the butterfly. Its wings flickered idly and it made him smile. "Ah...such peaceful freedom...I wish I had your life little one..." Lifting his camera, he zoomed and adjusted the settings to get enough of the little insect and its surrounding floral arrangement in the designated picture range.

Yunho: "Hmm..." When he got up from the ground, with a few strands of stray grass sticking on him, and as he brushed himself free of them, a thought came to mind. Yunho was living on his own, and he always wanted a dog for a pet, so he knelt down to the dog's level, scratching it behind the ear. "So, do you think it's a good idea? Would you mind staying with me?" He thought it could work out, if no one managed to claim him.

Suddenly, the dog perked his head, and turned his head away before running off, and he wasn't about to run after him (taking the dash off as an answer to his question), until he realised the black thing in his mouth was his wallet, and he gave chase, watching it jump over a small hedge and about to crash into someone occupied with taking pictures. "Hey! Watch out!"

Jaejoong: Just as he was ready to take his picture, he heard a male voice calling out that sounded rather desperate and worried. Turning his head, his eyes widened as he saw a dog coming right at him. Darting backward, he pressed his camera to his chest and threw his free hand out against the pavement walkway behind him. Crying out as his palm scraped over the concrete, he winced and rolled away onto the grass with his camera wrapped tightly against him.

Yunho: "Toto! Rex! Fluffy!" He started shouting out as many pet names as he could think of, trying to catch the dog's attention before he could cause any real damage. "Watson!" Surprisingly, the dog halted in its run, and turned its head to him, his wallet dangling out of its mouth, and wagging its tail. He didn't ponder on the name for long before he quickly made his way to the stranger, when he saw him roll away. Yunho knelt down and placed a hand on his shoulder, concerned over the odd landing he did when trying to avoid the dog. "Are you okay?"

Jaejoong: Glancing up at the now concerned sounding voice, he gave a partial smile and lifted his free hand to wave off any suspicions of being hurt. "Ne...I'm clumsy, so this isn't the first time..." He turned his focus to the dog, which was right in front of him and he set his camera in his lap before patting the animal on the head. "Your dog is really beautiful..." Brushing his hair from his eyes, he rubbed at his face with the hand that broke his fall -- though he didn't notice the smudge of blood he left behind. "Um...thank you for trying to warn me...I'm okay now..."

Yunho: "Are you sure...?" Yunho wasn't one to miss things, and the blood on Watson's fur when he retrieved his wallet alerted him to look around, and he found it on other's hand. He took it by the wrist to inspect it, seeing the skin scrapped up and dusty from the pavement. Looking up at the other man, he had to take a longer time deciding on gender, and settled him to be beautiful. Yunho had never met someone with features this striking, and he almost forgot himself. "...You should have this cleaned, and bandaged before it gets infected." Feeling partially responsible, he had to offer his hospitality. "If you don't mind, we can come to my office and I can get you something to bandage that with."

Jaejoong: Blinking at the way the other man was looking at him, he was rather confused as to why it took him so long to say anything. He couldn't really feel his hand so he wasn't even aware of injury. The offer of help threw him into a moment of modesty and he began shaking his head, gently pulling his hand away. "It's okay...really...I'll fix it later...I have a good immune system." Balling his hand up, he brought it to his chest and pressed hard against it, wincing as he tried to give a slight smile.

Yunho: The courageous smile the other gave him elicited a smile from Yunho, not wanting to be discourteous. Maybe it was because of the way Yunho was brought up, but he had to insist. "Please, it's the least I can do. To apologize for Watson." When he spoke, he brought a hand over Watson's body to rub him on the side--he didn't even notice he already took responsibility for the dog despite just meeting him. He had Watson to thank though, for showing him someone interesting.

Jaejoong: Swallowing dryly while in thought, he tried to imagine what his mother would do in a situation like this. The guy was a stranger after all and he could be anyone or anything -- but then he never knew how his mother had disappeared so he couldn't blame any one reason for it. For all he knew -- though as much as he doubted it -- it was her own doing. "Watson?" He seemed to have lost his ability to think straight, and he was now just staring at the dog while spreading his fingers out over his chest while pressing in harder.

Yunho: He gestured to the dog beside him. "You two already met... This is Watson." Yunho shook himself from the odd way he was behaving, off, and not himself. "And I'm Yunho. Jung Yunho." It didn't look like this person trusted him, and he couldn't deny it wouldn't be wise for him to suddenly agree to go anywhere with him. "Nevermind that, I won't make you go. But at least let's take care of your hand."

Jaejoong: His heart was beating so hard by then that all he could do was nod halfway, his hand taking his camera and easing it down beside him. "Pills..." His hand moved to his pocket and began to move over it as he searched for the opening, his eyes were pulsing as he tried to maintain focus on this man he'd just met without being rude. He heard Yunho's voice, but he wasn't able to pay attention as his hand went from slow to a frantic search.

Yunho: "..." Yunho's brows furrowed, dropping down to the ground again when the other man mumbled something in his quiet voice. He almost thought he heard the word pills, and it was enough for him to follow his gaze to the pocket he was unsuccessfully trying to pry open. It didn't seem like politeness or formalities were needed, so he discarded those, and moved to open his pocket for him, and placed a hand on his shoulder when he gave him that unsteady gaze. His other hand went to check his rapid pulse on his neck. "Hey... stay with me."

Jaejoong: His eyes narrowed a little before he closed them off tightly, leaning back onto the ground before he rolled onto his side. "Nng...need...please..." Breathing heavily and dryly, he could hear the dog whimpering and hanging over him but his hand was weakly curling into the grass. That fall scared him far more than he imagined it would, and he blamed himself for putting his medication into such a compromising place. "Don't...want to die..."

Yunho: This really started to worry him, and he couldn't tell what exactly was going on, but it didn't look like he was able to get to the medicine himself, and he lifted him off the ground, holding him securely in his arms to keep him from moving too much, as his hands reached into the pocket he just opened, and took out what looked like the container of pills, taking a look at the written description. He popped it opened and lifted the rolling head onto his shoulders, taking out the prescribed amount of pills and--he looked back at him, unsure how he was supposed to give pills to someone that couldn't even hear him. Taking out his water bottle, he opened the cap and took a mouthful, then popped the pills into his mouth, and pried Jaejoong's mouth open with two fingers before he secured his mouth over his and forced him to swallow.

Jaejoong: Barely able to feel his body being lifted from where it was, he nearly recoiled until he was secured up against something soft and solid. His lashes fluttered as the pounding in his chest became all he could hear, his ears thundered with the insane beating of his heart and he knew he was going to die. All at once, a rush of water filled his mouth and ran down his throat. One hand lifted slowly to grab onto Yunho's shirt, some of the water missing and leaking from the corner of his mouth. Something warm was brushing against his tongue and he lapped at it, hoping it was something that would stop the heated pain in his chest.

Yunho: Yunho's eyes widened, feeling him respond with a strong grip, and a tongue--he didn't expect it slide against his, nearly causing him to swallow the pills. But he pushed them down, keeping his hold on him, and just to make sure he swallowed, he pinched his nose to make him open his throat, not releasing him until he could see him swallow.

Jaejoong: Nearly choking when his nose was held, his hand tugged at Yunho's shirt and he clenched his eyes tighter. It wasn't until he felt a more solid substance move down his throat that he finally went limp against whatever it was that held him just above the hands of death.

Yunho: Slowly, Yunho released him after his reaction of swallowing the pills, satisfied he got him to take them, but he was surprised again when he went limp in his arms. "...Aish." Taking his sleeve, he wiped the slightly parted mouth dry, and anywhere the water dripped to. When he wiped his own mouth, he tasted something else he didn't recognise.

Jaejoong: His hand had slid down to lie over his own body, leaving a stain wherever it went as it continued to bleed slowly. Swallowing as his breathing began to ease itself, he lay there for several moments without moving. He could still feel his heart grinding away in his chest, mouth open and quietly panting. Something was touching his mouth but he wasn't able to open his eyes much less speak. He wondered if it was his mother trying to wake him up from a bad dream.

Yunho: Yunho's hand went to his neck to check his pulse again, and made sure it was slowing down to a more regular pace. Sighing in relief, he laid out his options. The obvious thing to do was get him to the hospital to allow doctors look after him. The other option was to carry him to his apartment, which was a block away. He made up his mind, and he wasn't sure if the delirious man could hear him, but he felt it necessary to inform him of what he was going to do.

"Hey... sorry.. but I'm going to take you to my apartment. ...You can blame me later." When he looked up, the dog was still with him, and was giving him an intelligent look like he knew what he was doing. "You're coming too."

Lifting his arms up, he pulled them over his shoulders from behind, gathered his legs to lift the both of them up, carrying him on his back. Yunho let his head rest on his shoulders, leaning slightly forward so he wouldn't slip. He hoisted him up once to secure his spot behind him, and walked back to his apartment, ignoring the blatant stares he was getting from some of the people he passed by. Watson trotted along after him, sometimes in front like he knew where he was going.

When they got to his apartment, he fumbled around for his keys, and opened the door with a slight push of his side. It was a modest apartment, with a standard bedroom, a bathroom, kitchen and living room. He just moved in so there were still boxes lying around. Letting Watson in before he closed the door, he took off his shoes, and went to his bedroom to lower his burden down on the bed. Staring at the sprawled body, he wasn't sure what to make of the situation, having never considered taking a random stranger home before, much less someone he thought he nearly killed.

Jaejoong: A gentle hand transferred flowers into his hand with a smile, soft words carrying through the air around him. He remembered that open field. They would all go there when his father had time away from work -- a vacation of sorts. He remembered that floral scent all around them and the sun always keeping him warm as he and his mother danced around in that field, a small crown of daisies atop his mother's head. "Umma..." He felt so many things all of a sudden that it made his body jerk, though he now felt something very soft and pliable beneath him. His hands lifted and began to reach out for what he saw as his mother's face, his eyes darting back and forth behind the lashes that covered them. Creasing his forehead when he saw the woman's face slowly moving away from him, he chin began to tremble with a sob. "Don't...leave me...I can't...breathe..."

Yunho: The soft call brought him back when he was about to leave to find something to dress his wound. Yunho couldn't find any other way around it, and turned his head to look at the stranger lying down on his bed. "Don't worry.. I'll be back." He didn't realise what kind of effect his words would have, but he went into the bathroom, turning on the fluorescent light to look inside the medicine cabinet for his first aid kit, and quickly coming back to sit down on the bed beside him.

"See? I'm right here." He didn't know what else to tell the delirious person, attempting to reassure him of his presence. He took occasional glances over at him to make sure he was okay while he opened the box and took out the disinfectant and a cotton pad. Taking the injured hand, he spoke again, letting his voice sooth the words. "This is ...going to sting a little." And he dabbed it with disinfectant before he gingerly administered it to the scrapes, cleaning it free of blood and anything else that could have been collected.

Jaejoong: The voices sounded like his mother, which calmed him enough to where his hand could be easily taken into Yunho's care. Eyes no longer so tightly closed, he was slowly gazing around beneath his lashes. "I love you..." he breathed, whimpering at the slight sting in his hand before his arm found Yunho's leg to cling to. "...Don't leave me..." Tugging himself deliriously into the other's lap, he huffed and let tears form in his eyes. "I love you..."

Yunho: "Hey... You're fine now.. I'm not going anywhere. I love you too." Yunho didn't know why he would be saying this to a stranger, but from what he gathered, he could only guess the person was hallucinating someone, maybe his mother, and if it would keep him from panicking again, Yunho thought it was imperative to play along. The only problem was he still didn't have his name, which made it harder. Could he get him to say it? He thought he would give it a shot, as he continued to clean his hand with the disinfectant. "What's your name?" He shifted his position to actually accommodate more weight on his lap.

Jaejoong: He smiled at hearing the words, his body curling comfortably in Yunho's lap as he sighed shakily. "You're acting funny...you know my name is Jaejoong..." Nuzzling into Yunho's shirt, which he thought was his mother's favorite dress, he giggled. "But you only call me that when you're mad at me...don't be mad at me, momma...call me Jaeboo..."

Yunho: "I'm not mad at you." Playing a mother was awkward, and he didn't know how he resembled a mother in any way, but he held him just the same. "...Jaeboo." Inwardly, he cringed and he was glad no one was around to actually hear him say it, save for Watson, who came into the room to scrutinize (at least he thought it was scrutinizing). "Don't look at me like that." Watson tilted his head before he got bored and trotted off to do who knew what.

When he finished cleaning Jaejoong's hand, he took a sheet of gauze, and wrapped it around his hand, tight enough to stay, but still comfortable, and closed it with a pin.

Jaejoong: When he heard that name, his eyes flew open and he sat straight up. "...Momma?" Curling his legs beneath him, the first thing he noticed was that he was somewhere he'd never been before. His eyes were rimmed with tears and his voice had the hint of a sob as he looked around the room. Eyes falling on Yunho, he blinked and glanced down at his hand. "...What's going on...?"

Yunho: "Oh... hey." Yunho didn't exactly know how to explain himself, and decided it was better if he didn't mention too much of it. "You were delirious after.. your attack." It was the simplest he could put it. "I didn't know what to do, so I brought you back here. ...How are you feeling?"

Jaejoong: Looking around the room he was in, he brought his bandaged hand to his chest and covered it with his good hand. "Attack...?" His eyes were wandering all over, unsure of whether he should try to get out of there or if this guy was safe enough to relax around. "Who are you...?"

Yunho: "We uh... met at the park.." Conveniently, Watson trotted back into the room, and wagged his tail when he saw Jaejoong. Yunho gestured to him. "He gave you a bit of a scare I think... and then I got you to take your pills." The memory brought a faint pink tint to his face, but he was sure it was barely noticeable (thankfully). When Jaejoong seemed more himself, and very much a stranger, he got up from the bed and made his way to the door. "You can leave whenever, but I recommend you take it easy for now while you're still under medication."

Jaejoong: All of that was almost too fast for him, so it really took concentration for him to understand it all. Once Yunho got off the bed and he saw the dog, a few things seemed to return to memory although not everything. One hand moved to his lips and he turned a little red. "How...did you do it...?" His heart was beating quick again, though it was something he could handle so he knew the pills must have been in his system.

Yunho: "...How did I get you to take your pills?" He stalled, still not sure how he should word it. "...I used some water... and .. made you swallow.." Jaejoong's imploring face was too much for him, and he looked away when he saw him touch his lips. It wasn't like he never saw feminine men before, but he was confused on how to treat him.

Jaejoong: "...Why are you blushing?" His legs uncurled and he slowly moved them over the side of the bed, still touching his lips as he tried to figure out a plausible way one could swallow water and pills when passed out. "...You didn't...did you...?"

Yunho: "...I didn't ...what?" Yunho decided it was better to change the subject, and he scratched the back of his neck, looking down. It was then he noticed his white shirt was stained with blood, the parts where Jaejoong grabbed his shirt still visible, though already dry. "Do you mind if I take a shower?"

Jaejoong: He felt himself beginning to smile, his head tilting a little as he pressed his hands to his knees. "You had to kiss me, didn't you...?" Giggling when he saw how red Yunho's face was, the dog had come back into the room and was now seated right beside Yunho where he stood. It was a little comforting to know that he wasn't the only man in the world that blushed.

Yunho: Since Jaejoong didn't seem to want to drop the subject, Yunho resigned to it, and nodded. "Yes.. well, I wasn't trying to kiss you.. I was trying to get you to take your pills...." He emphasized it, making sure there weren't any misunderstandings, though he still felt like he was guilty over something in any case, especially with the way Jaejoong was staring. His hand unconsciously went to Watson's head, scratching it's ear idly.

Jaejoong: He smiled more, getting up from the bed and wandering over to where Yunho and the dog were. "Your dog is very cute...faithful." Bringing a hand down to pat the dog's head, he sighed and left the dog alone to stare at the person that had supposedly saved his life. "Thank you."

Yunho: "You're welcome." Yunho had been thanked before, but hearing it from Jaejoong, maybe it was because he wasn't prepared for it (like with the way they met), he had a different feeling from it. "Are you feeling better now?" He thought as much at least since Jaejoong was able to walk. When he was closer, he was reminded again of his ethereal beauty.

Jaejoong: "I...I could have died...if you hadn't...helped me..." he frowned as he tried to think of the proper words, "...appa would have been devastated..." Pursing his lips a moment, he glanced up at Yunho every few seconds and even looked around them as if he thought someone might be watching them. He abruptly leaned forward and pressed a light kiss to Yunho's lips. "Thank you..." A huge flush welling in his skin, he pulled away quickly. "...I'll try to repay you one day."

Yunho: It seemed like the day wouldn't end, continually surprising him. Yunho was never this disoriented before, always one step ahead of things, and making others follow after him. When Jaejoong kissed him, he took a moment longer of silence before he could say anything back. "...Just take care of yourself.. and if you can, come visit Watson and I whenever you're in the neighbourhood."

Jaejoong: "Heh...you seem to...really want to get rid of me. I must have interrupted something really important..." He began to fidget, noting the redness in Yunho's face begin to show in the uneasy voice the other was using. "I can be a real headache sometimes...I should have a nanny...I didn't mean to get in the way of anything..."

Yunho: "No, I was actually on my way home from work when we met, don't worry about that." Speaking of why he was going home, he realised he didn't actually get anything to eat before he came back. When he got to Infinit, he took on the habit of eating at this noodle stand every time he went home. "...Did you eat yet?"

Jaejoong: Shaking his head, he lowered his eyes as he ran a hand over his pocket to make sure his pills were in the spot he'd put them. "I...I'm afraid I might not be able to keep it down...sometimes I have stomach problems after I take these pills...it makes my appetite go haywire..." Smiling awkwardly, he pointed to the blood on Yunho's shirt. "...That's my fault, isn't it?"

Yunho: He looked down to where Jaejoong pointed. "It has your blood on it... yeah." He probably needed a new shirt now that he thought about it. Blood stains weren't easy to take out. Luckily he didn't get any on his coat, and he pulled it off to hang on a hanger. "What were you doing in the park earlier? Before Watson interrupted you... it looked like you were taking pictures. Are you a photographer?"

Jaejoong: "Yeah...my pictures are never really that good but...momma loved taking pictures. She thought everything had a story to tell if you could picture it..." He grew solemn, kneeling down beside the dog to pet him a little more and scratch his ears. "I can clean your shirt for you...blood stains..." He was now staring at the dog, though it was more of a blank stare through he animal.

Yunho: "You don't have to, I can't make you do something like that." When he refused Jaejoong's generous offer, something wet nudged his leg, and he looked down to see it stare up at him, whining a bit. "...I guess that means Watson's hungry. And he needs a bath." It seemed to be the case when his tail started wagging again, maybe at the mention of his name. He looked at Jaejoong sheepishly. "I don't actually have any food for him here... I'm going to go down to the convenience to get him some things. Is it all right if I trouble you to stay with him?"

Jaejoong: "Oh...no. Of course not. I like animals...and this one is really sweet. I'm kind of attached to him...he's such an affectionate creature." Nuzzling into the dog's forehead, he smiled a little and gave a slight nod up to Yunho. "If you can...could you get me a donut? I like donuts...and I always have one when I'm feeling particularly...well...fluffy. You and the dog have made me feel kind of fluffy on the inside because of how generous you've been..."

Yunho: "...Sure." Yunho gave him a quizzical look before he made sure he had his keys, and was about to leave when he remembered his shirt, and went into his closet to take out a casual black t-shirt, gesturing it briefly to Jaejoong with a smile to let him know what he was doing before he went into the bathroom and quickly changed into it. "I won't be long. ...Make yourself at home." With that he left his apartment, and closed the door, pausing for a moment to ponder if he should be trusting a random stranger in his own house. Yunho shook his head and set out to get things for Watson, and Jaejoong's donut.

Jaejoong: Once Yunho was gone, he patted Watson on the head and stood up. "Jung Yunho you shouldn't leave a stranger in your house." He shook his head with a slight smile, wandering over to a table by the door where a bunch of pictures were. There were even pictures on the walls in certain areas of the living room from where he could see, and a majority of them were of him and an older man. Wrinkling his nose, he leaned in to stare at a few of them. "Must be appa..." Running a finger over the frame of another picture with him and a woman, he tilted his head. "Umma..." He looked more like his mom, that was for sure. They had the same eyes. But Yunho's ambition and spirit seemed to come from the father, though his father looked far more masculine than Yunho.

Yunho: When Yunho came back, he was carrying a box of donuts, and several bags of groceries (since he really was hungry), and food, and essentials for Watson. He opened the apartment, and was relieved at least to see Jaejoong still there, along with the rest of his things. "I'm home." He spoke this out of habit, and remembered he wasn't actually home, but actually on the other side of the world. Yunho probably shouldn't have left his place to a stranger like that, and he didn't know why he did, usually being much more careful. There wasn't a whole lot Jaejoong could take in any case, since Yunho didn't know how long he would be in Infinit city. But from recent (lack of) findings on his case, he had the feeling he would be here for longer than he expected.

Jaejoong: Smiling wide when Yunho came into the apartment, he bounced up from the couch where he was sitting with Watson lying near his feet. "Yunnie-ah!" He cooed to himself at seeing a familiar face, meandering his way over to stand in front of Yunho and press a lovey kiss between his eyes. He knew he shouldn't be acting this way with a complete stranger, but the longer he stayed in Yunho's residence, the easier it became for him to just feel as though he belonged there. Poking around in the bags, he sniffed out the donuts and grinned at Yunho. "You really got them!"

Yunho: Yunho blinked in slight shock from the kiss, but Jaejoong just as casually turned his attention to the bags in his hand, and Yunho lost his moment to say anything about it--not that he would have said anything in the first place. The casual way he was kissed (again) was new to him; he knew there were differences in culture, and heard people were more casual about kissing on this side of the world, but he didn't think he would experience it more than once in a day. It still left him at a loss, and off balance again. "...Yes I did. You're a guest after all. I can't let you starve when I make you babysit Watson for me. I didn't know which kind you like so I got a dozen assorted." Sliding into talking about something else helped, and he took the bags to set on the kitchen counter, already putting the food away into the fridge and cupboards, and taking out the food and water bowls for Watson, watching him eat.

Jaejoong: Sauntering in after Yunho, he kept smiling happily. He kept sniffing for the donuts, trying to find out which kind Yunho had decided to buy him. He rather felt very much like a child right now, and he also began to enjoy Yunho's company the more he had it. He lived alone, so the company was such a good change for him that he immediately adapted to it. "Mm...the ones with sprinkles..." Patting the dog on the head as he passed by, he moved up beside Yunho and rested his head on the boy's shoulder. "Yunho...are those your parents on the wall in the living room? I hope you don't mind that I looked at some of them...I barely knew my mom and I wasn't as close to my dad as you seem to be with yours...I was curious...I know what you don't and you know what I don't..."

Yunho: Jaejoong's company was more than welcome, and he laughed when he saw him taking on a childish approach to choosing which donut to eat. Yunho himself took an apple, crunching into it and swallowing his mouthful before he spoke again, when Jaejoong finished his mini exploration of his home. He couldn't condemn Jaejoong for being curious, since it was natural to be if left alone with nothing to do. But the mention of his parents had him pause again, and then he nodded slowly. "No it's fine. ...Yeah, they're my parents. I have a younger sister too." The last sentence confused him though, so he tilted his head and looked at Jaejoong curiously. "..You know what I don't?"

Jaejoong: "I know what it's like to have a father...and you know what it's like to have a mother...we both know something the other doesn't..." Wrapping his arms around one of Yunho's, he clung to it and sighed heavily. "I didn't know my mother for very long...I just know that she was kind and beautiful...how long did you know your father?" Turning his face into Yunho's shoulder, he closed his eyes and just let himself drift off in wait for Yunho's answer while munching casually on a sprinkly donut.

Yunho: The mention of his father caught his attention, and he stiffened, before he turned his gaze to the head of hair. "...How do you know I don't have a father?" Certainly nothing in his home revealed the special nature of his father's disappearance, not trusting to leave any work related items casually out in the open. Yunho wanted to make sure Jaejoong's was mere coincidence or planned, and he wasn't sure if he could tack on everything that happened today as simple coincidence.

Jaejoong: "It shows in your face." Munching and swallowing, he set his donut back down in the box and lifted his head from the other's shoulder. He lifted one of his hands to touch the side of Yunho's face, smiling solemnly as he did so. "It shows in your eyes..." his fingertips brushed lightly over Yunho's lashes, "...in the way you talk." Hesitantly, he brought his fingertips down around the curve of Yunho's jaw, grazing them as gently as possible over Yunho's lips. "I can just feel a loss inside you...something that you want but it isn't there and you can't reach it..."

Yunho: Jaejoong's words struck a chord in him, harder than he thought he was aware of, because Jaejoong was spot on and it really did scare him to hear someone he just met say them. Yunho stared hard at Jaejoong, quickly recovering from his shock to lift his hand and took the one on his lips. He could excuse the close proximity Jaejoong displayed, and their casual approach to each other (and he felt he should be lenient since he did feel he already overstepped his boundaries forcing Jaejoong to take his pills), and even Jaejoong's curiosity he could excuse, but none of what Jaejoong said made sense if he categorized Jaejoong as a simple random stranger. There was only so much he could be intuitive over. Bringing their hands down, he spoke, wary. "...Jaejoong. Where are you going with this?"

Jaejoong: "Does everything have to need a meaning to be said?" Tilting his head, he frowned a little and gently pulled his hand out of Yunho's hold. He was going to miss the warmth of that kind of human contact, but he wasn't going to force Yunho to share anything with him if he wasn't in the frame of mind to do so. "I'm sorry...I didn't mean to upset you." He could see the distress in Yunho's face even if he was well aware that Yunho was trying to hide it. Glancing off toward the door, he bit his lower lip and gave Yunho a thankful smile. "I'm grateful to you for helping me today...anyone else might have been too late. I owe you for that...and I'll find some way to pay you back." Slowly crossing his arms over his chest, he swallowed dryly and turned away from Yunho to move off toward the front door. "Tell Watson goodbye for me...he's a really nice dog..."

Yunho: Yunho blinked; Jaejoong's behaviour caught him off guard again. "No wait. Sorry, I was being rude. It was just... you really did pick at a sore spot. My father left us some years back when I was in school." He was compelled to let Jaejoong know that much at least. "Why don't you stay for dinner? I'm ...not that great of a cook, but I get by." He reached over to lightly take Jaejoong by the wrist; if Jaejoong really didn't want to stay he wasn't going to stop him, but he wanted to at least apologize for thinking too much. "Sorry.. let me apologize. After work.. I'm still in work mode and over analyse things."

Jaejoong: The hand on his wrist would have otherwise melted him into a puddle had he not switched into stone mode himself. "I didn't mean to be nosy...you have no obligation to tell me anything...I just...I'm sorry..." Curving his wrist in Yunho's grip, he eased his hand out of it and let his hands gently graze Yunho's palm as he did so. "You have what I don't and I have what you don't...I thought...maybe we could..." he chewed his lip as he formed the thought carefully, "...help each other. We're alike, you know..." Nodding in confirmation of Yunho's invite to stay for dinner, he slowly returned to where he was in the kitchen and sat down in the nearest chair. "I can cook if you want...I make really good soup..."

Yunho: "What kind of soup?" While Yunho took out the things he needed to make dinner--simple stir fry was the best he could do--he turned on the stove to heat up the wok. "You're my guest... at least pretend I own this place for a little while." He grinned at him, teasing his rather casual disposition. It was a different experience to have someone as carefree as Jaejoong around. He turned away for the moment to pour in a decent amount of water, and started marinating the beef on the side.

Jaejoong: Taking a quick glance at Yunho, he smiled a little and poked at some sprinkles on his donut before eating them. "Seolreong-tang..." He leaned back in his seat, holding his breath. He watched Yunho from where he sat, not allowing himself to breathe. It was unfortunate for him that he knew this would happen before he even met the man, but now he was no longer in control of it. The moment he stepped into that house, he knew he would grow more attached because their lives were too similar and different all at the same time. He could feel his heart beginning to beat faster as the lack of oxygen was beginning to affect him. His eyes began to burn as tears welled up in them, and continued to hold his breath. A few more minutes and he was going to start convulsing, but he hoped Yunho would notice before that. He was literally going to put his life on the line to make sure he wouldn't be out of Yunho's presence until he was finished...

Yunho: "...Soup?" Yunho washed his hands in the sink, and wrapped an apron around his waist before he turned around, and dropped the string when he saw Jaejoong's face turning red. "What are you doing?" Registering the shock was much easier, and when he came over to him, he wasn't prepared for another of Jaejoong's attacks, uselessly by his side, and placing a hand on his shoulder. "Jaejoong -- ...another attack? Where's your pills?" He looked around, momentarily scrambling his mind to remember what he last did with the pills, and reached out to Jaejoong's pocket when he remembered.

Jaejoong: Smacking Yunho's hand away, he finally let himself breathe and toppled off his chair when doing so. His body was already beginning to shake a little as he knew he probably held it in for too long, His eyes closed tightly as he coughed, eyes bleeding tears by this point, but he was able to choke out the location of his pills being in his back pocket and not the front where the tic-tacs were. Panting out a whimper as he felt his heart slamming against his chest, he felt terror setting in. "Yun...ho..." He didn't mean to hold it in that long!

Yunho: "Hold on! Stay with me. Stay calm." Yunho was speaking more for himself maybe, because Jaejoong seemed more incapable of doing anything other than convulse, and it was much worse than the last time. Quickly sliding his hand around to the back, he opened it and took out another container of pills, popping it open and dumped the prescribed amount onto his hand. "Hey, your pills--Jaejoong--" He wrapped his arms around him to hold him still, and presented the pills in his hand.

Jaejoong: He nearly screamed when Yunho went searching, unable to believe that he was going to survive an attack he brought on himself. Seeing the pills in Yunho's hand, or what he thought were the pills due to his vision being nearly destroyed by all the tears and jittering, he tried to lift his hand to take them but the shaking was just too much. "Gonna die...I...I ca...can't..." He was actually thinking about giving up. His heart was beating so badly by that point that he couldn't even feel his own body anymore.

Yunho: "J-Jaejoong!" Yunho definitely didn't want anyone dying in his arms, and he took the closest liquid to him--the now cold tea--and took a mouthful before popping the pills into his mouth and clamped his mouth over Jaejoong's with his fingers pressed over his nose to force the pills down with less resistance, and involuntary help. He couldn't believe they were reinacting the problem at the park so soon.

Jaejoong: He wasn't going to resist his own pills, and he almost choked when trying to open his throat enough for the liquid to carry his medication into his system. Unable to move his arms, he just let them convulse beside him and closed his eyes as he whimpered at the pain in his chest. His throat burned and he wanted it to stop, but once he felt those pills go down toward his stomach...he tore his mouth away from Yunho's. "...Hahn...hah...gonna...gonna die..." Nearly hacking himself into a coma, he tried to roll away but he wasn't able to tell right from left anymore.

Yunho: "Hold still." Jaejoong was rolling all over the place, and before he knocked over glasses, and into anything else, he lifted him off the stool, and carried him to his room, lowering him back down onto his bed. Jaejoong's arms were jerking radically, and one managed to cuff him on the side of his face, before he had to hold him down to stop him from hurting someone, namely him.

Jaejoong: It freaked him out when he was taken away from a solid surface, making his body twitch even more until he felt a secureness beneath him again. His eyes spilled tears whenever he felt his heart thrumming, even as it was calming down he still felt like he was going to die. Unaware he even hurt Yunho, his head thrashed back and forth as he felt pressure coming down on top of him. "Uhn...hurts..." When his body slowly began to ease back on the shaking...until he was just a heavily breathing mass of stillness. Having rolled his face away out of shame for doing what he'd done, he closed his eyes and tried to will himself to sleep.

Yunho: "..." When it seemed like Jaejoong finally settled down, he bowed his head in relief. "...Jaejoong?" When he got no response back, he made sure he was still breathing, and released him from his hold, sitting with his back against the headboard and catching his breath. Jaejoong didn't look like it, but he was much stronger than he anticipated. His hand went to his jaw where he was cuffed--it was a solid hit, and he had readjust his jaw, moving his mouth around to unlock it.

Jaejoong: Slowly opening his eyes after managing to calm his rate of breathing down, he let out a sigh. "...I'm sorry." Rolling his head toward Yunho, he stared up at the other's face and noticed the skin turning red along his jaw. Carefully raising a hand upward, he gently touched his fingers to where Yunho's hand was. "I didn't mean to hurt you...I'm sorry for that..." It was subconscious, but he knew it was what his mother would do and that was why he did it. "...Yunnie-ah, I'm sorry..."

Yunho: "It's fine... I shouldn't have done that. Natural reaction." Yunho wasn't about to admit how much it hurt though. It wasn't every day he would get socketed in the face. He turned to Jaejoong, and smiled, amused; it wasn't every day he would be presented with a situation like this either so he should have expected the unexpected. What was left was the explanation. "Mind telling me what happened?"

Jaejoong: Lowering his eyes for a split second, he brought them back up to Yunho's face. "Another attack..." Slowly lifting himself, he curled his legs beneath him and winced at the pain of readjusting. "...I have to tell you something..." Sticking his tongue into the corner of his mouth, his hand moved Yunho's away before he gently cupped the side of the other's face.

Yunho: "..." He didn't speak, instead he let Jaejoong take the chance to speak, staring back at him expectantly. Yunho didn't know if he could be surprised again with so many already presented to him that day, he could almost feel desensitized from it.

Jaejoong: He blinked slow, the pills having taken their affect a few moments after entering his system and now he was extremely numb. Brushing the back of his fingers over Yunho's jaw, he could only keep staring and searching Yunho's face for any sign of resistance. "...I like you, Yunnie-ah..." He'd moved a little closer so as to make Yunho feel like he wasn't uncomfortable in his house, but moreso to keep himself feeling like there was really someone there with him. He loathed being alone...

Yunho: For a detective, Yunho lacked any experience in dealing with anything Jaejoong put him through, and to be told he liked him whilst caressing his face, he reacted by staring at him dumbly. Blinking, he couldn't tell if he was joking, serious, or it was another custom to express their appreciation for someone who continually saved his life. For a detective, he failed miserably when it came to analysing his own situations. "...Jaejoong..?" But he was growing increasingly uncomfortable with this sort of situation, and the only thing he could assume was Jaejoong was the type to be very affectionate. How else could he explain the way Jaejoong had been behaving with a stranger?

Jaejoong: "I need you to know that I like you...I can only pray that you aren't scared of that...I could never hurt anyone." He adored Yunho's vulnerable sensitivity. It was exactly the way he used to be before his mother taught him the kindness she held within herself. "I'm not saying this to scare you...I'm not saying it to trick you...I really like you." He sniffed, eyes lowering again to keep a stream of tears from falling. He'd made up his mind long before the faked attack in the park. He was going to see if Yunho was the type to respond to him the way he did the first day he saw Yunho's picture. Moving in as slow as possible and bringing their lips within inches, keeping his voice calm and his body still, his fingers rested along Yunho's jawline. "I really...like you..."

Yunho: "Jaejoong-" It was an aimless call. Yunho knew what would come next, watching as Jaejoong came closer, inch after inch, and he told himself he should push him away, because this was wrong for so many reasons. Jaejoong was a stranger, he just came out of an attack and could possibly be delirious again, and he was a guy (despite by all that he could see, it was hard to tell). Even with all these reasons, he couldn't move, stone still and his mind conflicting with scrambling thoughts. This was beyond his comprehension, thinking too much instead of actually acting on any of them.

Jaejoong: That air of discomfort and...that oh-so-obvious reluctance...he pulled back. There was no way he was going to get into Yunho's bubble of self-reliance. No way at all. What plagued him the most was that he should have known this before even attempting to make the mistake he almost just made. "...I'm sorry. I...forget what I was just going to do." Jerking his hand away as he realized where it still was, he bit his lower lip and laughed -- at himself more than the situation. "That was stupid...you aren't like that...I should have known better."

Yunho: Yunho's hand was already midway in holding Jaejoong back, but when he moved back of his own accord, he let it fall. "...No I'm not." Yunho breathed out a sigh of relief when he felt he could again, and Jaejoong seemed to back away even more, giving him more space. There was a moment of an awkward silence, and he calmed down from the feeling. A revelation came to him from this, and he didn't know if he would have recognized it if he didn't take Jaejoong by the chin, and lightly pressed their lips together.

Jaejoong: When Yunho actually confirmed it with his own words, he felt the sinking in his stomach actually stop. It was somewhat of a relief for him, and he then began thinking of a way to break that disgusting silence. He wasn't used to such quiet, it wasn't natural. Just as he was about to take his leave from Yunho's residence to go home and recover from his own idiocy, Yunho...had to do that. He had been the one playing the shock game the entire time and now Yunho had completely stolen his role. Now the hell was shocked out of him and he had no other response than to widen his eyes as his body went rigid.

Yunho: The reaction was almost expected, after all, he did admit to not being gay and then went ahead to do the opposite. "Sorry."

Jaejoong: "...Do I really look that much like a girl?" It was the stupidest question in the world but it was the first one he could think of.

Yunho: "...No." Honestly, Jaejoong's question caught him off guard, because despite having issues with distinguishing his gender, Yunho knew Jaejoong was male. Maybe if he fooled himself into believing Jaejoong was female, he would have been less conflicting. Now he was just following along with his instincts. "If I wanted to stop you, I would have done it when you kissed me the first time."

Jaejoong: He blinked and nodded, turning his eyes away to let that one sink in for a minute. Without even thinking, his hands searched his jacket pocket for his cigarettes. Christ did he need to smoke right then. The entire day was just trick after trick and then a table turn and...it was too much. Pulling out a half-empty pack, he looked back at Yunho for a moment. "...Then why didn't you?"

Yunho: "Because I wanted to kiss you." It was rather obvious. Yunho watched him take out his pack, and put a hand over it. "Careful...You're still on medication."

Jaejoong: Glancing down at Yunho's hand, he pursed his lips and then looked back up at him. He had no verbal response for that. It was the first time Yunho had been flat out honest with him the entire day. No hesitance or sign of being unsure...it was just an honest answer. He swallowed. "...You're just saying that." Jaejoong...just stop talking.

Yunho: His smile was wry. "I don't make it a habit of telling everyone." Yunho gently pried the pack from Jaejoong's grasp to set onto the cabinet, and turned his gaze back on Jaejoong. The whole day Jaejoong was making loops around him he could barely catch up, until now at least. He felt more himself now.

Jaejoong: "Yunho I...I need those..." Watching the pack of cigarettes being moved from his reach, he bit into the side of his mouth. "They keep me from saying stupid things...as long as my mouth is occupied...I don't talk as much..."

Yunho: "...You're sure you want to say that?" Yunho grinned, and shook his head. The sound of Watson's bark alerted him to the faint scent of smoke. "...Hold on." He got off the bed, and quickly made his way back to the kitchen to see the stove on fire. Coughing profusely and holding an arm against his nose, he grabbed his fire extinguisher by the door, and sprayed it until the fire died down, leaving only smoke. He waved the smoke around his head with a hand, trying to dispel it, and opened the window.

Just as casually, he came back to the room, covered in a lining of soot. "...I think we'll have to skip dinner."

Jaejoong: He heard the barking and was going to get up to follow the sound, but Yunho's voice was too serious to ignore. He stayed put until Yunho came back...covered in a smoky black substance. "...I'm sorry...that was probably my fault...if I hadn't been so stupid you wouldn't have left the stove on..." He stood up from the bed, leaning off to the side to grab his pack of cigarettes before wrapping his arms around himself. The reality of what almost happened just hit him really hard. "I'm sorry for all this, Yunho...all I've done to you the entire day was scare the hell out of you...shock you into near heart-attacks...making you feel obligated to help me and now I almost helped to burn down your house...I never meant to be this much trouble...I'm so sorry..."

Yunho: Sighing, he threaded his fingers through his hair. At least Jaejoong openly admitted it. Now that it all sort of finally came out, he was just hungry. "Don't worry, Jaejoong. It's too late to change things. Now you've successfully imprinted our meeting in my mind. I don't think I've ever had this much trouble with anyone before."

Jaejoong: Biting his lip, he hated leaving bad impressions when that was something his mother would have never let him get away with. "...Can I make it up to you?"

Yunho: "Take care of yourself, Jaejoong. I don't know how many times I can help you if you have another attack." Yunho didn't like the smell of smoke surrounding him, and he lifted off his shirt to wipe his face, more or less not caring what happened now that Jaejoong finally confessed.

Jaejoong: "Okay, Yunho. I can do that...I've been doing it for quite some time. But I will especially because you want it." He turned his face from Yunho's line of view once that shirt came off. Yunho had fallen into his line of 'a very desirable man' and he wasn't going to let the possibility of beautiful skin pull him further into the trap. "I'm going...to go home now."

Yunho: "...Sure." Yunho nearly forgot they were actually strangers, having the whole day to get to know Jaejoong and forgot his manner. Mentally he cursed. He let go of his shirt, letting it fall back down. "Let me lead you out... you might want to hold your breath, it's still smoky outside of the room." He opened the door, and waited for Jaejoong to move first.

Jaejoong: Holding a hand over his nose and mouth, he obediently, but slowly moved out of Yunho's room and off to the front door. "Thank you, Yunho...for everything you've done for me today...I never meant to scare you or make you wary of me...but I do appreciate your helping me."

Yunho: "Jaejoong... I'd be lying if I said I didn't enjoy your company." When Jaejoong reached the door, he smiled, and rubbed Watson's head automatically the moment he rubbed against his leg. Unlatching the locks, and prying the door open wide, he kept it open by leaning against it. "Do you need help getting back? It's just a block away from the park."

Jaejoong: "No...I'm okay." He turned around to see the dog had followed them and he smiled. "Goodbye to you too, Watson." He knelt down a moment to give the dog a few pats and scratches, then stood back up to look at Yunho's face -- not even daring to look farther down. "...You really wanted to kiss me, huh?"

Yunho: He rubbed his nose and sneezed, forgetting the soot still covered him. "Do you really want me to answer that?" Yunho gave him a slight nod and inclination of his head. Then he remembered. "... Oh, wait--" He held the door ajar with a feet while he stretched over to the other side for a card and pen. Scribbling down something at the back of the card, he handed it over to Jaejoong. "I'm a private detective. If you ever need anything, let me know. I wrote down my personal number in the back."

Jaejoong: Taking the card, he blinked at it and bit his lip to hide a smile. Sliding the card into his pocket, he grinned up at Yunho. "I wanted to kiss you too...but only because your lips are incredibly sexy. And you seem as innocent as you look. Thank you for saving my life, Yunho." Leaning forward, he pressed a solid, but light kiss to Yunho's lips just to desensitize him a little.

Yunho: "...You're welcome." Yunho was sure he wouldn't be surprised again, but it looked like Jaejoong could still manage to pull him into a loop. He smiled and gave a slight shake and bow of his head. "Good bye Jaejoong." Watson gave a short bark, waggling his tail.

Jaejoong: He laughed at that, and his laugh was always unique as it was loud and hyena like. "Your face...is really red." Lifting a hand to rub at both of Yunho's cheeks, he simply kept his smile and shook his head before glancing back at the bark. "Take care of him Watson...he's a good guy, okay?"

Yunho: Watson didn't give him a bark, though he seemed to understand well enough, opening his mouth and barring his fangs with his tongue hanging out in an imitation of a smile, still waggling his tail. "...Watson says goodbye too. I have a hunch he'll make sure we'll be fine." Yunho didn't move when Jaejoong rubbed his cheeks, only giving a grimace out of embarrassment.

Jaejoong: He really couldn't stop smiling, and he was grateful to Yunho for allowing him to smile again for the first time since he'd arrived there. "I wasn't lying when I said I liked you...but I won't force my feelings on you either, Yunnie-ah. I'll always be grateful for how you saved my life...it'll be impossible to forget...so thank you again. Really...from the bottom of my heart I am thankful." Lowering his hand to pat gently at Yunho's chest, he finally turned away and made his way out the door and down toward the street. He needed time to stew in all of this because there was a strong pull in Yunho's presence and he didn't know what it was.

Yunho: Watching Jaejoong disappear down the hall before he closed the door and looked at the disaster of a place his apartment turned out to be. "Well Watson, looks like we have some work to do." He forgot the state he was in again and rubbed his nose, causing another fit of coughs to burn through his throat. A whine made him look down at Watson who wasn't all that clean himself. "And we need a very long bath." The donut on the counter caught his eye, and he had to laugh. Jaejoong certainly made an impression.

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