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[LOG] Arrangements


Infinit City

[LOG] Arrangements

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Muses: Kim Heechul ; Kim Jaejoong
Location:At their respective homes
Rating: G
Notes: Text messages indicated in italics.
Summary: Heechul decides to enlist Jaejoong's help in completing the assignment.

Heechul: Heechul chewed his lip before deciding he needed some help. Flipping open his cellphone, he typed a quick text message and sent it off. Jaejoong, do your hyung a favour?

Jaejoong: Lifting his phone into view as he felt it buzzing beside him on the couch, he raised a brow at the question and wondered why Heechul would need his help. You realize that most of your favors include me needing my medication? What kind of favor, hyung?

Heechul: Ouch, so mean. I'm hurt, Jae. Pausing and wondering how he should word the request, he thought for a moment. I need you to help me arrange one or two interviews, I'm busy and this has an urgent deadline.

Jaejoong: I have deadlines to meet too, hyung. But I know your work is important to you...so I'll help in any way I can. He smiled at Heechul's response though, knowing Heechul knew he didn't mean it. You know I was kidding.

Heechul: Thanks! He grinned, pulling out his notebook. They're Park Yoochun and Choi Siwon, IU Music Professor and VP of Hwarang Group respectively. Get back to me with the details, thanks so much I owe you one! :D

Jaejoong: Hyung, I know how to get in contact with Park Yoochun...but I have no contact information for Choi Siwon. Would you mind giving that to me so I won't have to try and find it? And how should I explain my reason for calling? A simple interview or should I include your contact information? I'm relatively new at this and my article on black and white photography is due in another week. Ugh, he didn't know one of the contacts. Great. Hopefully Heechul would throw him a bone on this. That attack the other day threw him off schedule.

Heechul: Heechul pursed his lips. Don't have his contact info either, I tried his office through the company but he didn't answer, you could try that. Yes, he added, say you're contacting them on my behalf. Give them my phone number.

Jaejoong: I'll do my best, hyung. I'll get back to you as soon as possible with anything I am able to get. He sighed and set his phone down, rubbing his face as he mentally prepared himself to do some heavy searching. If they wouldn't answer the phone for Heechul, chances are he would have to track this Choi Siwon down through other methods. Just as he tracked down Yunho.

Heechul: Thanks, I owe you one. If I get Choi Siwon's contact info, I'll make sure I pass it on.

Jaejoong: He nodded and typed in a quick response. Thank you, hyung. Wish me luck.

Heechul: Good luck, Jae~ [both for the article and this]. Heechul smiled. There was one aspect dealt with.
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